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Ben McCormack

Ben McCormack, P.T., C.E.E.S., C.W.C.E., President

I started practicing in 1999 after graduating from the University of Vermont. During those college class years I was a little nervous that I might sink tens of thousands into my training, only to later learn that I would rather work as an engineer or a builder.  Boy did I luck out!  I love being a PT!  Every year I meet hundreds of fantastic new people who want to feel better and do more pain free!  That’s you!

My initial focus as an outpatient orthopedic PT included sports medicine and manual therapies.  Through continuing education and practical experience I developed my skills in that core area, and I still get excited about helping patients work through problems they’ve been facing for months and even years.

My desire to deliver high quality one on one care, later lead me to founding Northern Physical Therapy with my wife Jennifer in 2004.  The same week we opened the clinic we got a puppy, and Jen had our son Luke!  NPT has seen a steady growth rate by adding one new professional a year over the last 10 years.  We now offer a broad spectrum of interventions from sport specific rehabilitation, to spine, to pelvic pain, to performance coaching and dry needling.

As early as 1999 I started to notice that many of my patients were facing occupational challenges that were ill addressed.  Patients were frustrated about being sore at work, and employers were frustrated that they were losing good help to repetitive strain injuries.  I felt driven to pursue further training and certifications in the areas of ergonomics and industrial rehabilitation.  I received my training through the Matheson Institute, which has proven second to none over the years given their commitment to research, and their attitude toward helping people.

Over the last 10 years I have rearned certifications as a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator and a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist.  During this time I have also served as a consultant for several large corporations throughout Northeastern Vermont. This industrial work has lead me underneath oily, million dollar machines, into the courtroom as an expert witness, and even to the top of telephone poles along with lineworkers recovering from injury.  I now help companies become more profitable by developing a healthy workforce through pre-employment testing, job analysis, and wellness programs, all the while implementing a plan to not discriminate under Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act

Guidelines!  I never imagined that a PT would face some of the crazy questions I am asked, but what’s really weird, I know where to find the answers!  And guess what, I do most of my offsite work with engineers and technicians who build things for a living!